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          Here is a gallery of images related to "Washington Square", drawn from a variety of sources. These images are my subjective impressions of the novel, drawn mainly from existing movies and narratives. If you have any further suggestions, please contact me and I will update the site.

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Images of Catherine Sloper.
She was a healthy, well grown child. She was not ugly; she had simply a plain, dull, gentle countenance. The most that had ever been said for her was that she had a "nice" face. Though she was an heiress, no one had ever thought of her as a belle.
Catherine Sloper
Images of Morris Townsend.
He had features like young men in pictures; so delicate, so chiselled and finished. He was tall and slim, but he looked extremely strong. Catherine thought he looked like a statue. But a statue would not talk like that, and, above all, would not have eyes of so rare a colour.
Morris Townsend
Images of Mrs. Penniman.
Mrs. Penniman was a tall, thin, fair, rather faded woman, with a perfectly amiable disposition, a high standard of gentility, a taste for light literature, and a certain foolish indirectness and obliquity of character. She was romantic. She had a passion for little secrets .
Mrs. Penniman
Images of Dr. Sloper.
He was very witty, and he passed in the best society of New York for a man of the world which, indeed, he was, in a very sufficient degree. He was a thoroughly honest man; honest in a degree of which he had perhaps lacked the opportunity to give the complete measure.
Dr. Sloper
Images of the Locale.
The ideal of quiet and of genteel retirement, in 1835, was found in Washington Square, where the Doctor built himself a handsome, modern, wide-fronted house. In front of them was the Square, enclosed by a wooden paling, and around the corner was the more august precinct of the Fifth Avenue.
The locale
Images of the Couple.
What Morris had told Catherine was simply that he loved her. Now he had affirmed it in lover's vows, and, as a memorable sign of it, he had taken a kiss. This happy certitude had come sooner than Catherine expected, and she had regarded it, very naturally, as a priceless treasure.
The locale

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